Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Blog

Hey!  To any who may still check this from time to time.  My delinquency to updating this blog may have you doubting that I can handle two blogs, but yet another blog has been created none-the-less.

The new blog is and will chronicle the events of what the Lord is leading us to in Swaziland Africa.

Go check it out!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Answer to Prayer

Fellow missionaries, the Moxons (Bill, Darla, and daughter, Emily) have returned to Lagosette, Haiti after months of prayers and planning. We give thanks to God for His hand in all of this. We ask you to join us as we lift the Moxons up in prayer in the ministry that is before them and peace as they are seperated from family in the States.


Hi...Brian arrived back from Africa very encouraged about the possibilities and the men who are concidering working there.

Spent a day back preparing for his trip to the DR and Haiti...Bye!

Did Someone Say Africa?

Yep, another trip to Africa. Just a two week trip this time around.

Brian, along with two other fellows involved in and interested in doing mission work in Africa, has returned to Swaziland for a survey trip. These men with their loved ones would be such a blessing to the people there and to the efforts of MGM. Please pray for them as they open themselves up to do whatever it is God would lead them to do.

There's Always Something

So good to have Brian back to take care of those things that I just can't seem to taking care of a drainage problem. He's such a handy-man!!


My new baby...Bébinn

Road Trip

As soon as Brian returned from Africa, visiting the Grandkids in Texas was the priority.

But there was some business to take care of first.

Georgia was having ice storms but we had to get to MO to meet with the Gautneys and update Brad on the trip to Africa and make plans for the future. So off we go eye-balling black ice along the way and avoiding chunks of ice falling off vehicles as we drove through the night to get there. It was worth it being able to see one of our favorite families.

Took off the next day to head to Texas and see the Grandkids. Too excited to say the least!!
Pops was able to catch up on some good hugs and kisses and we were off again to visit Blake and Katie and their children in Ft. Worth. Lots of talking and dreaming of mission work, sharing the Good News, and reaching out to the hurting.

It was a great road trip!

January 5th

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Love you

Guess What?

We're expecting!! A grandbaby that is! Wesley and Ashleigh are expecting their 3rd little one in August.

Be praying for a healthy pregnancy!

15 weeks, 6 days..

...but who's counting!

Brian was gone a long time, but due to how expensive it is to travel to Africa, it was more prudent to extend his stay in order to meet up with fellow Manna Global Ministries director, Brad Gautney, and Global Health Innovations director, while he was in Kenya doing relief work.

It was a great trip and he was able to speak with a lot of people in Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland and check out existing works and hear the needs of those already serving in those countries. AIDS is definitely at the top of the list and the children left behind when parents die from the disease. MGM will continue to pursue how they can help in these efforts. Please keep us in your prayers as we strive to be His hands and feet on earth.

Grandkids in FL

Kaiya and Liam had a great time in Florida.

  • Playing with all the dogs at Grandmama's
  • Samari sword play
  • Checking out all the Christmas lights
  • Adding their decorations to the tree
  • Swimming at the club house
  • Driving around on the golf cart
  • Gator hunting with Great Uncle Bobby
  • Playing at the park and meeting Hana
  • Christmas gift treasue hunt
  • Caroling
  • Leaving goodies for Santa
  • Christmas Day


Had a wonderful Christmas!!

Kids, Grandkids from Canadian came down.

First time to spend Christmas with Shawnean and Jono as a married couple.

Festivities held at Momma's and Uncle Bobby and Aunt Joanne came for Christmas dinner and played Mr and Mrs Clause.

Brian was in Africa, so he missed out, but was able to spend Christmas at his folks.


I've been delinquent on updating this personal blog, so there's some catching up to do...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where's Brian

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to figure out one of those "Where's Waldo?" picture books as I wonder where Brian would be on any given day. (Funnily enough one of Brian's childhood nicknames was Waldo).

He's good about calling ever so often and hurriedly filling me in on where he is, where he's been and where he's hoping to go, but with limited time on the phone no details get shared, except for those important ones of..."I miss you", "I love you". Those are the words that help the time apart.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mmm-mmm Good

It's said over and over and over again, but it's true. Time with loved ones is sooooo good!

Thanksgiving was hosted at our home this year with Momma, Uncle Bobby, Shawnean, and Jono present. Brian is still in Africa and Aunt Joanne was visiting family in TX.

Love you all!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Grandmamá's House...

It's been talked about, dreamed about, and longed for....the day that Kaiya could come to Grandmama's house. While my mom and I were in TX, we met half way between Huntsville and Canadian, TX and picked up Kaiya to drive back down to Florida with us.

After a week we flew together to Canadian where I spent a week with both Grandkids (and with Wesley and Ashleigh!).

We had a lot of fun!

The Local Library

Chucky Cheese
The Movies

The Theme Park

Thursday, October 14, 2010

East Sandy Reunion

Maybe you thought life without Brian around was pretty dull for old Tammie.

Not so! Okay, not as exciting as what Brian is doing, but very fullfilling for me. How can it not be when one goes to a place called Possum Walk, Huntsville, TX.

My mom asked if I wanted to attend the East Sandy Cemetary Reunion located in her childhood woods and I jumped on it. I'd previously had a roadtrip with my daughter and now I'd be on a roadtrip with my mom. Priceless!

It was great to see cousins I hadn't seen in over 20 years, aunts and uncles that hadn't been seen for several years and went to all Momma's old stomping ground places. Where she and some siblings were born, where her daddy died, the route her school bus took (driven by her dad), where she went to school, the town square where she and her girlfriends turned heads and were whistled at. Meet up with a highschool girlfriend and reminicsed and heard many interesting stories.

Have voiced my desire to attend the next highschool reunion as mom's date. Good times!

Favorite BBQ

Road to the Old Homestead

5 of 8 siblings gathered

Latte With Larry (Daddy)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Group Shirts

I've a drawer of T-shirts, most of them group t-shirts, which are my favorite clothing items. Often Brian has suggested I go buy other shirts to wear. I decline as I fail to see the need to buy something when I've got something to wear and feel more comfortable in a t-shirt than anything else anyway.

Each time I pull on my t-shirts it's like opening a journal. Memories of people and events are associated with each one. They are reminders to help me remember to lift up the people who are being reached out to, the missionaries, the interns, the group members and all those who give so much to the efforts being done. Besides, my group shirts have opened up many coversations to share what it is that we do and why when people query about the statements, the designs or the places imprinted on them.
Yeah...I'll keep wearing my group shirts!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bye Brian

Somewhere over the vast ocean (not sure which one that would be at this point of his trip) Brian is flying to Africa. He will land in Johannesburg, SA where he will visit his folks before heading on to other countries to see where God will have MGM/GHI be a blessing.Please pray for safety and wisdom as Brian seeks to follow God's leading.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time with Family

Nothing can compare to family time. Thank you God for family!
Shawnean and Liam

Grandmamá and Kaiya

Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Trip

Had the most amazing three weeks with my daughter, Shawnean. We traveled from Florida up to the central northern states across to the west coast, over the Canadian border, down the west coast and then across the central states before making our way back in a southerly direction, covering 23 of the 48 mainland states. It was awesome to see landmarks that we've only read about, to see the different landscape of this grand nation.
Does the Northeast sound good for the next road trip????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Half of the Summer

What a busy blessing filled summer we've had:

The last 4 groups, John Sloan's group, Otter Creek group, Collective group of Volunteers, and Red Wood City group all came building upon what we've been working on throughout the summer. First and foremost the relationships with the kids and neighbors in the neighborhood of Lagosette by time spent with them visiting, worshipping in the local church, and the VBS that they had prepared to present. The children absolutely loved it as did the young adults and grownups who brought littler ones and passerbys.

Lots of work was done at the school house and the church building. Scraping (oh there was a ton of scraping!!) and painting, constructing privacy half walls for the classrooms, pathways, new building for kindergarden 1 and 2, storage shed for the kitchen pots and food for the feeding program. A walkway for our neighbor mission, Children of the Promise as well as some electric and plumbing done at the camp.

Couple of ladies in a nearby village had homes that were crumbling away with termites and rot. With the extra labor of several groups these ladies and their children have cement block homes and tin rooves.
Lots of clothing and sheets and towels were passed out into the community that were donated by the groups as well as children clothing and drawstring backpacks given out to the kids in Lagosette. We thank you all who gave of your time, resources, energy, and funds to make this all possible. It was a wonderful summer!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lives Given to God

Midway of the summer we were blessed to be witnesses to 4 teens giving their lives to God. Please pray for Yves, Tony, Jimmy, and Vilsant and the church as they encourage one another to live lives given to God.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Group 3 and the DR

The group from Hixson was a little different. It was our one and only medical group and they didn't stay out at the camp. People from Lagosette and surrounding villages were able to get medical attention that they otherwise would not be able to afford. The clinics all went well as did work projects and VBSs. Thanks, Hixson!

After 4 weeks of being in Haiti and hard work, the interns were looking forward to their break. Not only to be able to relax and enjoy some sites and tastes of the Dominican Republic, but to also be able to visit the staff at the Manna Camp in the DR. Had a great visit with the new missionaries there as well as seeing familar faces visiting with groups and the DR interns.

As much fun as it was in the DR, we were all ready to get back to Haiti and be with all those kids!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeding Program

Manna Global Ministries has continued the school feeding program throughout the vacation period this year and it has been a blessing to the children in the area. Some of the groups will have the opportunity to help in the serving of the food to the children in the upcoming weeks.

As large a blessing this is to the community, I think the most enjoyable time is spent hanging out with the children while they wait for the food to be served. They love hearing you use your Creole and teaching them a few words in English. They love to check out the hairiness on the guys’ arms and legs too!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting to the Heart

All the groups meet with the body here in Lagosette, visit the mission Children of the Promise, walk up to the Citadel (the fortress made by Christophe when fighting Napoleon for the conquering of Haiti), and go to the beach to see a different side of Haiti.

But what stands out to the groups are the children. Whether that be the babies they hold and play with at Children of the Promise, or the kids at the VBS, or hanging out and playing soccer, basketball, painting nails or having their hair braided, it’s the relationships being formed that stays in the hearts of both the group members and the people here in Haiti.

Friday, June 18, 2010

First Happenings in Haiti

A month has come and gone since I joined Brian in Haiti (he’d already spent several weeks on the island, in the DR and Haiti, continuing to get things ready for the summer) and A LOT has happened.

The interns arrived, had orientation and did camp prep and painting.

Our first group of the season, Levy from AR, arrived. Great jump start of the summer with pouring a cement floor for the 2 new class rooms at the Lagosette school, scraping peeling paint off the church building, moving blocks to set up for the next group’s project. Much got done and everyone had a good time. The groups come in prepared to do 2 VBSs in their week and Levy did an outstanding performance of the Lost Sheep, Coin and Son. They also came with the idea of having a mini-World Cup challenge. The kids loved it!

Second group came from Searcy, AR, which was a mix from Cloverdale, Downtown, and a handful of friends and family. They continued to help with the work at the school and church, as well as pour a cement roof for a brother in Christ who has been a faithful worker in construction of Manna’s buildings for the past 18 years. Their VBS was based on Noah and the Ark, showing HOPE in troubling times….very impressive for a team that was thrown together at the last minute. Shows what can be done when one puts their mind to it.

Thanks for your hard work and labor of love, Levy and Searcy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father's Day

Daddy, I'm thankful that you are my dad.

God blessed me with a loving father that was able to point me to our heavenly Father and show unconditional love.

A love that often was tough love, but it was that love that brought me from my "worldly search" of love to know what true love is.

A sacraficial love, an opened arms love, a forgiving love.

I love you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On the Flip Side

On the other side of the island from Haiti is the Dominican Republic and MGM has groups that are being hosted by the MannaDR team this summer.

Please be in prayer for all those traveling to the DR and giving their time to be of service.

Visiting groups:

East Hill/ York, NE
Lake Cities/Trophy Club, TX
Northside/Jefersonville, IN
Highlandview/ Oak Ridge, TN and Maricamp Road/ Ocala, FL
Cloverdale/ Searcy, AR
Westminister/ Westminister, MD

MannaDR Interns:

Audrey Parker

Nikki Mynatt
Jill Rhodes

Jordan Crow
Carter Robison
Glen Weaver

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haiti, Here I Come

Well, it's been a week since Brian left for Haiti to get things last minute things in order to receive the first summer group and I'll be joining him in 3 days.

Our groups:
Levy from Levy AR
Cloverdale from Searcy, AR
Medical group from Hixson, TN
Sloan's Team from AR
Otter Creek from Otter Creek, TN
Collective group from all over USA
Redwood City from Redwood City, CA

Our Iterns:
Felicia Blocker (previous intern to the DR)
Jessica Hall
Jeff Reese
Savannah Sloan
Jordan Smith
Keely Williams

I must confess I'm a little nervous. It's been 14 years since I was back there and I've heard it's changed a lot (so have I).

Continue to pray for the work in Haiti, the DR, as all MGM staff will be very busy with the groups, and those traveling back and forth.

Not sure how the communications will be while we're there, but hopefully I can fill you in from time to time with what's going on. If not, see you in August when I return!